Earthborn Holistic

Loved by pets and trusted by owners, Earthborn Holistic brand dog food is the meal that man's best friend will love to see in their bowl every day. This natural pet food is formulated to give them the right nutrition for healthy, active adult lives based on what they've craved for thousands of years. Earthborn Holistic is just that - food born from the earth and based on what dog's ancestors fed on. Farm & Home Supply knows that pets need good food to live at their peaks, which is why we are proud to carry Earthborn for adult dogs.

Earthborn dry dog food contains wholesome meats, vegetables and fruits that have the taste and nutrients best for canines. We have several formulas for dogs that crave different flavors and have different dietary needs. Earthborn Adult Vantage is their all-around holistic formula that contains premium proteins for building lean muscle and easily digestible grains so they go down easier. If your hound is known for stomach issues, a gluten- and grain-free natural dog food such as Great Plains Feast or Primitive might be right for their gut. These formulas use meats such as bison, turkey, chicken and whitefish - come to think of it, they sound tempting even to humans!

Every food product, essential nutrient and natural additive is carefully selected so your dog gets all the good stuff and none of the bad. They will be healthier, stronger, better-looking and more energetic when they're eating the best food. The company is so confident that they guarantee satisfaction on each bag. We carry 5-pound bags for small dogs all the way up to giant 28-pound dog food bags for retrievers, Alaskan malamutes and other big fellows. Order your next bag from Farm & Home Supply and see why so many dog journals recommend Earthborn Holistic food.