One thing that tends to frustrate folks about cowboy boots deals with where the rubber meets the road. While a properly broken-in pair of boots is hard to beat, the tread can take some time getting adjusted to. The heels can be awkward, and the treadles soles of a traditional boot can catch wearers off guard.

For more than 50 years, Durango Boots has crafted Western-inspired boots that can be worn by the entire family. The company has a history of innovation for the sake of comfort: Many of their boots feature modern treads that offer impact absorption and traction.

At Farm and Home Supply, we know it’s important to teach kids early about the values of hard work, and a good pair of boots is one of the tools they’ll need to get the job done. We’re proud to offer Durango Boots for the whole family, so that you can work together and play together.
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