If you’re the kind of person who makes fun of Crocs, we instantly know something about you: You’ve never worn a pair.

We don’t care what they look like. On days when all we need is something comfortable and casual, a pair of Crocs clogs fits the bill like nothing else. Made to be lightweight, roomy, ventilated and durable, Crocs come with a unique foam that offers all-day support. We’re not surprised to see nurses and other on-their-feet-all-day kinds of folks getting their work done wearing a pair of these.

So let ‘em laugh. The company has sold more than 300 million of their original clogs, and all those wearers can’t be wrong. We have several varieties of Crocs available, from their original clogs to some of their other cleverly designed sandals. Check them out, order a pair and prepare to enjoy a unique level of comfort that won’t let you down whether you’re out and about for errands or enjoying a day at the creek.