Cajun Injector

There’s nothing fishy about having Cajun Injector cookware in your camping supplies. In fact, these cookers are the best way to enjoy a delicious meal when you’re a long way from home — or even right in your own backyard! Folks everywhere use Cajun Injector to make fish and chips, fried chicken and other classic treats. Use them to cook up your latest prize fowl or big game fish and you’ll be the hit of every cookout.

When you need a sturdy fish fryer, trust the Cajun way. Farm and Home Supply carries durable cookers that include a gas fryer stand, a rust-resistant aluminum pot and a basket for transferring fish from the batter bowl to the fryer. They are great for making French fries, too! We also have Cajun injector turkey fryers that are large enough for these big birds and optional seafood bowlers so you can cook both in the same pot. You can order the fryer stands and pots separately if you already own one or the other. Outfit your outdoor lifestyle and feed it as well with the right cookware.