Cabbage Patch Kids

Did you think Cabbage Patch dolls were just a relic of the past? Think again! Cabbage Patch Kids were one of the most popular toys of the 1980s, and tots everywhere just had to have one. But no great thing every truly goes away, and the Cabbage Patch factory — in this case, Wicked Cool Toys — is still coming up with new ways to bring the magic into homes. Not only will modern kids fall in love with them, but many adults get a kick out the memories they bring back.

You can adopt Cabbage Patch Kids for your youngsters at Farm and Home Supply — and unlike your parents, you guys won’t have to fight off unruly shoppers to get them. The Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts sets are a miniature take on these dolls, with everything a kid needs to create their own playroom adventures. We also have Cabbage Patch zoo friends and forest friends that are dressed up as adorable animals. Plus, there are the classic dolls dressed up in new fashions for the new generation. Bring home a ‘Kid from Farm and Home Supply today and be part of this living toy legend.