Lightweight, strong and fast, carbon arrows are the weapon of choice for tournament archers. Their benefits also carry over to bowhunting. These arrows shoot straight, strong and speedily, providing you greater accuracy and penetration than other materials. Yes, they cost a little more than wood, fiberglass or aluminum shafts. But when you have that wall hanger buck or other prey in your sights, isn’t it worth spending a few extra bucks to ensure a perfect shot and quick kill?

Farm and Home Supply carries a selection of Beman carbon bowhunting arrows, making it easy to find the right size and design for your style of shooting and budget. Available in 26”, 29.5” and 31” lengths, these carbon arrows are available in convenient, economical multipacks that will help you hit your target every time.

Made in the U.S., our Beman arrows are checked for straightness before they leave the factory. They are 100 percent straight and accurate. Just screw on a broadhead and start hunting.