If you like catching crappie — and who doesn’t? — why not take a page from the pros and use crappie rods designed and built specifically for crappie? At Farm and Home Supply, we carry a selection of B’n’M Pole Company crappie rods and fishing tackle that will help you catch more crappies as well as other delicious denizens of your local waters.

If you like to troll for these fun fish, our crappie trolling rods for sale include lots of B’n’M trolling rods. Those who prefer jigging for these tasty, feisty panfish will find plenty of this company’s jigging rods too. You’ll also discover casting and bamboo crappie rods here. Whichever pole you choose, a B’n’M ultimate crappie rod will put more crappies in your boat or on the shore.

Our B and M fishing tackle also includes plenty of other gear, including crappie reels. For those who love the old-fashioned fun of gigging, we also carry B’n’M fish spears and frog gigs.