If your idea of raising horses is spending the day on the back of a beloved steed tearing across the countryside, we don’t have much to offer you. Don’t get us wrong: Those kinds of rides happen every once in a while. But a majority of time raising horses is spent in the stables, and you are likely well aware of what kind of messes are found there.

Raising horses takes a lot of dirty work, from brushing coats and manes to mucking out stables. That’s why we make sure to offer durable, strong equestrian wear from Ariat on our website and at our retail stores.

Ariat makes some of the best jeans and boots available for people who love working with horses. Ariat jeans can handle the wear and tear of a day at the stables, yet still look sharp enough for a night on the town — Ariat Jeans’ women’s styles mix just the right amount of today’s top trends while remaining functional. And Ariat makes some of the finest work boots, riding boots, steel toe boots and cowboy boots.