Keep pools, ponds, fountains and other water features clear and safe with Aquamate products from Farm and Home Supply.

Anyone who has ever cared for a goldfish knows how quickly an aquarium can get out of control with algae, waste and other contaminants. Now imagine that the aquarium is outside without a cover, and you’ll get a good idea of the work it takes to keep a water feature in good health.

We trust Aquamate’s products to help keep those water features clean, especially those without any sort of water circulation. A pool of water that just sits can grow stagnant quickly, so fight off that growth with chlorine tablets, algaecide and clarifiers made to keep water safe, clean and beautiful.

Our staff of experts is ready to help answer your questions, so contact us today and tell us about your water feature. We’ll point you to the best Aquamate products for your needs.