AMS Bowfishing

When you’re ready to hit the lake for a bowfishing trip, trust high-performance AMS Bowfishing bows, arrows and supplies from Farm and Home Supply.

“Bowfishing” is certainly an accurate name, but maybe not the best. This form of fishing feels more like hunting, and bow hunters who can’t wait for hunting seasons to roll around get their fix by boarding a boat for their hunt (it’s always fishing season in most states).

But they’ve learned the hard way that their standard gear for hunting game is not optimal for bowfishing. Not AMS Bowfishing, however: This U.S.-based company focuses entirely on making products that are optimized for the water, including industry-leading safety standards (no push-button reels on these bows).

Let Farm and Home Supply help you find a bowfishing rig that suits your needs. We’ll help you pick a kit, determine the difference between reels, help you choose the best points and much more. Our employees are ready and waiting to answer your questions, so you can hit the water and discover the sporting thrill of bowfishing for yourself.