Agri-Pro Enterprises, Inc

When caring for your livestock, Agri-Pro castrating bands and other veterinary supplies will help you ensure their long life and health.

We already know how important the right tool for the job is. But that’s doubly important for cattle supplies — living things that may seem hardy but can be fragile. Agri-Pro Enterprises, based in Iowa, understands that completely. Since 1979 the company has offered high-quality veterinary supplies and instruments for breeding and obstetrics. Having the right instruments handy is important, because a vet may not be able to respond to a need you have.

What kind of livestock do you keep? Contact us today and tell us about your breeding operation. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and love talking to customers about their cattle. From castrating bands and applicators to OB handles and chains, we can point you to Agri-Pro supplies that will help you ensure their continued health and long life.