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Farm and Home Supply is in the heart of farming and livestock country, so we know a thing or two about feeding and managing your herd. From the smallest honeybee and chickens to massive cattle farms and horse stables, we stock feed, tanks, fencing, and general supplies. Raising your own chickens for eggs and meat? We carry chicken coops, incubation kits, chick starter feed, even heat lamps and treats. Starting your own beehive or apiary? We sell beekeeping kits, hives, smokers, honey jars, and even educational books. If you have horses or cattle we stock feed bags, tanks, feeders, and specialized fences and gates. Farm and Home Supply also cares for goats, pigs, and fish. We carry brands that include: ADM, Moormans, Vitalix, Starbar, MannaPro, Little Giant, Happy Hens, Nutrena, Applegate, Guardian, Koch, IverCare, pic, Standlee, Triple Crown, and Golden Malrin.